It is our responsibility to save our mother earth

Climate Change,Environmental Conservation,Waste Management ,Reducing Risk and Preserving Water,Hygiene and Sanitation is not the Government monopoly, every citizen should see himself as apart of a solution to these challenges. That's why we translate such awareness into action by improving people's perception and the fight agaist its impacts.

Focus Sectors

we will work to defend and to help manage access to resources and conservation advocacy biannual contained in the management of society and the nation as a whole..

Green & Blue Sectors Engagements

Green & Blue Sectors Engagements


Urges the government will help and we seek to convince investors to invest in these private sector to help the community to be able to develop livelihood through farming and fishing.


Water, Hygiene and Sanitation- WASH Program

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation- WASH Program


We undertake water,hygiene and sanitation project by strengthening community capacity in preserving and use water , hygiene and sanitation cares and measure. Also establishing a suistanable projects and programs for Primary schools so as to build a clear awareness to the better uses of water.

Waste Management and Community Empowerment

Waste Management and Community Empowerment


We Empower a youth, women and vulnarable group by capacitating them through turning the waste to opportunity. Eqwuip them with knowledge and skill on how to collect, separate and recycling the waste by designing differents items and products

Environment Advocacy & Forest Conservation

Environment Advocacy & Forest Conservation


We will work to defend our natural resources and encourage community on clean up so as conserve our Environment and biodiversity. By strengthening Community participation and Engagement.

Disaster Risk Reduction Managment- DRRM

Disaster Risk Reduction Managment- DRRM

In Close collaboration with Government Disaster Authorities , emergences agencies and international cooperation to rescue and reduce the disasters and risk in our Community
Climate Change Resilience

Climate Change Resilience


We collaborate together with the government to ensure that we help each other to strengthen all areas of urban and rural community development and accountability in our communities.Through Adaptation and mitigation measure we reduce the impacts of climate change.

Our Specific Objectives

Work closely with related internal and external agencies in addressing impacts of climate change, conservation of biodiversity
Gather information and record of climate change in within and outside the country and disseminate.


Working with various researchers from internal and outside the country on issues relating climate change and sustainable development.
Provide awareness and education to entire community on environmental conservation and impacts of climate change and potential mitigation and adaptation measures
To participate in conferences within and outside the country on climate change and biodiversity conservation and contribute to the development of policies and procedures in the country.
To develop CC networking for CSO’s of Zanzibar conservation groups, and individuals with motivation and a willingness to fight for justice in climate.


Action for Strengthening civil society organization on Climate change governance and accountability in Zanzibar.
Working with national organisation to support adaptation and mitigation interventions such as mangroves restoration, climate smart agriculture and other environmental management campaign.
Strengthening Women and Youth Voices For Climate Action inTanzania - Zanzibar Zanzibar.
This project called Pamoja Voice Project which involves more voices of women and youth, this project successfully designed a participatory toolkit and Women and Youth Leadership Climate Network.


In implemntation of 2021-2025 Strategic Plan ZACCA introduce the following new programs.





We are welcoming any stakeholder, Development Partners , Funders and Organization to support these interventions.

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An association of civil society organizations committed to work on climate change in their own programmes as well as through advocacy.  It brings together development and environment organizations, those with technical skills and those with a more delivery and advocacy focus. 

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