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ZACCA was started on February, 2012 and officially registered in 18th of February, 2014 with registration no: 2149. Registered under the Civil Societies Act No. 6 of 1995 of the Government of Zanzibar.
It’s an umbrella NGO’s working on environment and Climate Change issues in Zanzibar involving about 15 local NGOs and CBOs.

As an association of civil society organizations we are committed to work on climate change in our own programmes as well as through advocacy.
We bring together development and environment organizations, those with technical skills and those with a more delivery and advocacy focus.

Strategic Areas

For five years, 2016-2020 priorities for ZACCA will begin with five (5) sectors; the entry points will be in the following thematic issues; transparency, cooperation, accountability and good governance; cooperate with the government, facilitators / Disablers, community members and stakeholders of climate change.

Enhancing Zanzibar capacity necessary to address the potential climate change adaptation and mitigation needs of vulnerable communities through teaching, action-oriented research, development of innovative technologies and community participation. Providing CSOs and CBOs platform for advice and coordination for policy formulation and implementation

To see Zanzibar of resilient communities and sustainable economy with equitable adaptation and mitigation solutions to impact of climate change

Meet Our Team

Mahfoudh Shaaban Haji
Mahfoudh Shaaban HajiChairperson
I am a dedicated person with Environment & Climate Change. I graduate at Zanzibar University in degree of Law and Shariah also studies at University of Qatar in International Advanced Diploma in Environment & Climate Change .
Kidu Hamad Ali
Kidu Hamad Ali Assistance chairperson
Rahma Ramadhan Khamis
Rahma Ramadhan Khamis administrator / communication advocacy
Samawi Mbarak Khatib
Samawi Mbarak Khatib Accountant
Juma Rashid Juma
Juma Rashid JumaAssistance communication advocacy officer
Iddi Shaaban Iddi
Iddi Shaaban Iddi Secretary
Helena Machalila Manyanda
Helena Machalila ManyandaAssistance secretary


An association of civil society organizations committed to work on climate change in their own programmes as well as through advocacy.  It brings together development and environment organizations, those with technical skills and those with a more delivery and advocacy focus. 

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Mwanakwerekwe C, Plot No. B1-145.

P. O. Box 4232, Zanzibar


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