27 January, 2021 Zanzibar Climate Change Alliance organizing a USAFI HUB at KINAZINI Urban West Region the program which aimed at restoring the area where covered by losted mangroves.


In this program the Hon Soud Nahoda a Ministror Of Agriculture, Irrigation and Natural Resources being a guest of honor where the program manage to plants 5000 species of  Mangroves.

A numbers of NGOs and youth were participated and engaged in this activity, to mention them were NEZA, JECA, PYI , ZAFAYCO , YOCOZA, SUZA UN CLUB,WANAHABARI VIJANA TZ etc.


Tree Planting and Restoration of mangroves ecosystem in degraded areas was done by the project with other CSOs and CBOs of different village including Jozani, Donge, Muwanda for Unguja and Tumbe, Wambaa and Mgelema for Pemba.

In Pemba the total of 25560 seedlings equivalent to were planted and in Unguja 15365 seedlings equivalent to were planted. The major species planted are Avicennia marina (Muchi)  and  Ceriops tagal (Mkoko mwekundu), Rhizophora and Brugiera gymnorhiyza.

The launching ceremony was successfully conducted on 8th February, 2017. The aim of the launching was to introduce the project to stakeholders including CSOs, CBOs and Government institutions. The launching workshop involved 43 participants from 32 CSOs, CBOs and Government Organisation. The ceremony was opened by the Deputy Minister for Water Energy and Environment, Mr. Juma Makungu. In his opening speech he congratulated the French Embassy for supporting such great initiatives that focus in building capacity of Zanzibar CSOs in climate change and environment in particular. He said this support is very recent in direct engagement to the implementation of Zanzibar Climate Change Strategy. He asked the ZACCA and all project beneficiaries to use the opportunity effectively and ensure the planned deliverables are reached.


Along with launching workshop, some material were developed including two brochures and banner as introductory materials and display for the project (All materials are available).

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An association of civil society organizations committed to work on climate change in their own programmes as well as through advocacy.  It brings together development and environment organizations, those with technical skills and those with a more delivery and advocacy focus. 

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